Today’s European Union is in an identity crisis as it seems to be losing its points of reference. We have to define our standpoint, our goals and how we should shape Europe of the future. A strong, competitive Europe, that is a homeland for so many nations.

The Foundation for a Civic Hungary has launched a debate series about the future of Europe in general and the post-COVID restart of Europe in particular. We need an open and honest discussion about our core values. We should not shy away from issues, which are unpopular in the leftist dominated mainstream media.

We want to save our Judaeo-Christian tradition, our Christian democratic heritage and culture, family, national sovereignty and our regional and national identities.

The Future of Europe debate needs to be open and free. We have to restart Europe. Without useless political correctness, without taboos, completely UNCENSORED.

Europe Uncensored
Restart Europe
31 MAY 2021
Europe Uncensored
European Leaders on the future of Europe
8 JULY 2020